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Honoring the late.

Updated: Jan 16

If you find yourself approaching your wedding day with a heavy heart as memories of passed loved ones flood your mind, know that you are not alone. Through the dancing, the smiles, and the speeches, there can often remain a missing piece. Just because your family members may not be walking the earth with you anymore, doesn’t mean they don’t get to walk through your wedding day with you.

I want to shed light on one of the beautiful ways I have seen a bride pay homage to her family that had passed. As she walked down the aisle with her bouquet in hand, those loved ones were with her. Small framed photos of her (and her grooms) late loved ones hung from the silk wrapped stems of her white roses. This subtle addition to her bouquet was both personal and beautifully intimate. Thankfully, I was able to see the unique tribute up close after the ceremony. The delicate touch allowed her to cherish her late family on her most cherished day.

Maybe you aren’t sold on the idea of tiny dangling photos in your hands as you walk down your aisle. There are plenty of ways to represent that could be more or less subtle. You have autonomy over the way you choose to incorporate these special folks into your day. Maybe you alter your mothers gown into a two piece for your rehearsal dinner. Maybe it looks more like a plate and name card that sits at a table with names of all those who’ve passed. Perhaps it’s less physical and takes the form of a song dedicated to them or a dish to honor one of your mommom’s family recipes. You know what your relationships with these folks looked like more than anyone, which makes you the perfect person to curate a suitable display of adoration on your wedding day.


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