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Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry me? Thousands of Folks will ask this holiday season.

This New Year's Day, we will be a part of the Wendy's Bridal Show at the Duke Center in Cincinnati. I'm excited to meet newly engaged couples and hear about their visions for wedding celebrations. I hope that they will enjoy the process.

2021 was challenging. I'm thankful for the adventure and the beauty of The Landing at Brush Creek. Waking up and looking out the window is magical, and I'm blessed to call it home. I can labor over the work to be done, repairs, and renovations. But I don't stay in that place for long because I realize that creativity is a progression.

Next year, I hope this blog post includes a Christmas wedding photoshoot (I see a sleigh and maybe a reindeer). Part of the planning is about dreaming, and I do a lot of envisioning. Once an idea is in my mind's eye, I believe it can happen. The process is magic in motion.

This holiday season – be present, feel all the feels, and savor the moments.

And if someone has asked, "Will you marry me?", start planning, just don't forget to enjoy the process!

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