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Bride & Bread

The basics of dough: Flour. Yeast. Salt. Water. “It’s that simple!” Only…it’s not. Because now the dough sticks to your hands…to the counter top…the flour hits the floor and the dog licks it off the tile…there goes your timer! It’s a splendid chaos. This familiar feeling tends to arise while planning your wedding. A nuanced collection of lists and designs just shy of a rubric.

As loaves of bread are pulled from the oven it's difficult to not be in awe of their unique shapes and sizes. All with various similarities yet none the exact same. While standing over my warm oven making this observation yesterday, I couldn’t help but think how reminiscent it was of the brides who book with us. A collection of individuality and similarities that call for different ‘recipes’ rooted in the basics of being a bride.

The basics of brides: Dress. Flower. Shoes. Ring. However, it isn’t always as “simple” as they say. It’s because of this that I want to share with you this lesson I learned after two very long months of tireless hours and trials in the kitchen.

Find beauty in the chaos, it will all be worth it in the end.

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