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Making scents of a memory.

The days of our lives fly by. A wedding day is no exception. Time and time again I hear brides recall…“My wedding was such a blur.” This got me thinking…how can couples remember their special day in the months and years that follow? 

I thought back to one of my oldest ‘fun facts’ that scent is the strongest memory tied to man. Haven’t you ever walked into a friends home and been hit with a note of something that throws you right back into a distant memory, like you are standing in the exact room where you first smelled that scent?

Candlesticks and votives add a beautiful ambiance to any and every reception from indoors to out. But what if you added scented candles to the mix? Imagine walking into your venue only to be embraced by an aroma picked out by you and yours. A scent that fills the room from start to finish, existing as a motif for the entire day.

These scented candles will live on and encapsulate your most cherished day. As the calendar pages flip and time passes you will be able to sit down at any point, light one of your candles, and be thrown right back into the memories of your most cherished day.

-Colleen Crawford

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