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Livin The Dream

Updated: May 1, 2023

A year ago, when we first pulled into the property we now call, The Landing at Brush Creek, I could feel the adventure. Kirk felt it too, and it was the rare occasion when he couldn't contain his excitement. I knew somehow – some way, we would call this place home and try desperately to live out Kirk's famous words, "Livin the dream."

A hunting property and a wedding venue is a tall order for two "older" adults who should be retiring rather than jumping full force into the project of a lifetime. But looking out at the lake, I could see sun-kissed cheeks and rainy days on a foggy hillside. I imagined late nights at the fire pit hanging out with loved ones and newbies who would soon become loved ones. Magic happens here – in relationships and community.

There is a Welsh word, cynefin, that means a place where a person feels they belong and where the nature around you feels right and welcoming. For us, it is here - this is where we have landed.

Yesterday, we experienced community at its best. A group of people who barely knew us, and some who didn't know us at all, gathered to showcase our little piece of enchantment. This group of amazingly talented people made us feel valued and encouraged. The day was spirit-filled and enthusiastic. I love people with creative energy - people who say, "yes," and dance and sing, and folks who aren't afraid to be vulnerable and a little wild. Kirk said I smiled all day.

I've heard it said that photographers have the art of observation. As I watched Brenda and saw moments through her eyes, I knew exactly why it is referred to as such. She undoubtedly feels what she captures, and she understands the need for magic, nature, adventure, and fairytale moments.

Yesterday, with this artistic lot of companions, we saw, once again, the kindness of people and the importance of kinship. Yesterday there was so much more than flowers, cakes, hairdos, makeup, gorgeous clothing, food, and photographs. Yesterday was fellowship, breaking bread, and the sharing of gifts – these things are The Landing at Brush Creek.

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Membro sconosciuto
22 ott 2021

Absolutely beautiful venue. Anyone would feel special to host their wedding here.

Mi piace
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