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Paint your wedding with Mother Nature's brushstrokes

Is nature your church? Your most sacred space is under the skies and among the trees. And that's the place you want to say your vows and celebrate with family and friends.

Natural environments calm us and keep us centered in the moment. Green spaces inspire good moods and are nurturing for the soul. If you're a romantic who loves organic surroundings, an outdoor or greenhouse wedding offers you the unsurpassed beauty of nature's landscape.

We dreamt of outdoor weddings, fields, flowers, water, and sunshine. You deserve stunning wedding photos; the great outdoors provides incredible lighting and a magnificent canvas. With a greenhouse option, you have the ambiance of the outdoors with protection from the elements should the weather not cooperate.

We also love a contoured backdrop of various hues of green—a setting where wildflowers pop up in fields, along roads, and between patio bricks. The water glistens with sun kisses. Nature's splendor surpasses commercial and convenience. One can't put the countryside in a bottle or a box any more than they can contain the seasons– they can only experience it.

With unspoiled views encircling your event, most of your décor is achieved from nature's provision. Natural surroundings inspire wonder and enchantment. You can have the elegant wedding you envision created with Mother Nature's brushstrokes.

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