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Thank you.

Updated: Jan 16

Gratitude – it's my word today and should be my word every day as I look out over this beautiful landscape and pond at The Landing at Brush Creek LLC.

Today – I want to say "thank you" to all the folks who book our Creekside Cabin Airbnb, the couples who entrust us with their weddings, and the groups who choose us for their events. We are growing, and you are all a part of our story!

It's a story of faith, adventure, and a labor of love that continues growing. Through the pains and learning curves, we see wonder and sparks of magic. You are our primary focus. We want your experience here to be as wonderful as you are, and your expectations surpassed.

We will never take for granted our first bookings and all those who said, "This is the place!" You gave us the hope to continue – thank you!

Call us at 614-915-4979 or click here to schedule a tour and witness the unspoiled views of Appalachia. You'll be thankful you did!

Enjoy the process, Sherry

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