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'Tis a reason for all seasons.

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

“All the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried.” — Donald Miller

Waking up on a Sunday morning and the air is crisp for the first time since Spring. Signs of autumn are sneaking into view and the “wedding season” is among us, which makes me wonder, “What makes Autumn the wedding season after all?”

While I agree with the general consensus that the weather is dang near perfect and that the colors of the trees createt beautiful backdrops for wedding photos, I can’t help but stand up for the rest of the year! Let's consider Spring…when the trees start showing off their fresh buds and the bulbs are rearing their green heads from the ground. Thee colors of life are filling the yard and Mother Nature rejuvinates herself. To be surrounded by these reminders of the ebb & flow of life (and relationships) seems like the perfect way to fill your wedding day. There is no need to feel stressed if another couple booked the “perfect” Saturday before you could get to it. After all, there are 51 other Saturdays to choose from.

I also have to stand up for winter, here. I don’t know about you, but I sure prefer to not sweat my makeup off, which certainly won’t be happening in the beautiful winter months. Let’s also consider your suit wearing attendees who will be much happier wearing all of those layers when it’s not 82 degrees outside! Marrying the cute barista you met buying a latte? Have a snowy coffee photoshoot in your wedding attire. Chances are, if you’re marrying this person, you’ve experienced a round or two of seasons with them and certainly have some memories from each. Honor those special moment by letting them lead your day.

The point is, at any point of the year you get to build the weather into your wedding. So absorb the magic of the changing seasons and invite your guests to experience something out of the ordinary and don’t worry what they think. Because like I always say, its YOUR day.

Until soon.


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